Nails.Inc London NailPure Tate red nail polish review and swatches for Indian medium dark skin tone

NAILS.INC London TATE NailPure Nail Polish Review (Indian Medium-Dark Skin Tone)

Christmas is around the corner! During the festive season, you might want to paint your nails with classic nail polish colors, such as red or green! Today, I am reviewing Tate NailPure nail polish from the UK’s leading beauty brand, Nails.INC. The NailPure formula is alcohol-free, vegan, and cruelty-free. But how does this red shade TATE look on Indian medium-dark skin tone beauties? To know more, keep scrolling down! 

Nails.INC London NailPure Tate (Red) Nail Polish Review:

About the brand:

Nails.INC is the UK’s leading and award-winning, British beauty brand founded by Thea Green MBE. Renowned for first to market product innovation and trend-led premium colour quality.

Product Description:

The NailPure formula is alcohol free and is enriched with Nails.INC’s patented Regenerating Complex (a two-fold Aldehyde, Zinc, and Calcium blend) that boosts the production of keratin for harder, stronger and healthier nails. It’s formulated to create a high-shine finish that is both air and water permeable.

Nails.Inc London NailPure Tate red nail polish review and swatches for Indian medium dark skin tone
Nails.INC London NailPure Tate (Red) Nail Polish

Shade name:

The brand says, TATE is a dark warm brown shade! 

Nails.INC NailPure is formulated to be ’10 free’ – meaning it does not contain Phthalates including DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde resin, Animal derivatives, Camphor.

Ingredients of Tate Nail Polish:


All products on the Nails.INC website have a tab showing the ingredients. You should always check the ingredients for products to avoid potential allergic reactions. 

#alcohol-free #essentialoil-free


Apply one coat of Nails.INC base coat followed by two coats of polish. Finish with Nails.INC 45 Second top coat for glossy results.

Shelf Life:

Nails.INC Tate nail polish lasts 24 months from the first open. Please make sure you screw the top securely when you have finished your mani/pedi to prevent the polish from oxidising.

Price & Qty:

£15 for 14ml

BUY FROM – Official Site, AMAZON and other online stores.

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My experience with Nails.INC London Tate Nail Paint (Review/Swatches):

(My skin tone: Indian Medium-dark, warm)

One of my favorite activities at beauty stores is finding the best and pretty nail colors that complement my medium-dark skin tone. However, the task becomes difficult when I need to select the nail paints online! Long back, I received this nail polish in one of my Birchbox UK beauty subscription boxes. The team asked us to choose a color online, and I picked Tate, the red one, among three other colors. 

Product Packaging:

Nails.INC Tate nail polish comes in a 14ml flat-shaped glass bottle secured with a white lid. The first time I pulled the lid, I got worried. I thought I ruined the packaging, but it’s not the case. Unlike other traditional nail polish packaging, in this case, you need to pull the outer lid to reveal its screw-top cap. Then, rotate the screw-top anticlockwise to release the brush for applying the nail polish. 

Nails.Inc London NailPure Tate red nail polish review and swatches for Indian medium dark skin tone
Packaging – Nails.INC London NailPure Tate (Red) Nail Polish

I have traveled with this nail polish, and it’s absolutely travel-friendly. While traveling, another nail polish of mine spilled and ruined this Tate nail polish’s white cap. Anyway, the bottle is red color-coded and has a unique packaging. Hence, finding this beauty amongst a sea of nail paints is super easy. Also, the packaging displays all the necessary information. 

Texture & Shade Details:

Nails.INC has a couple of gorgeous nail polish categories, including Plant Power Vegan Nail Polish and 45 Second Speedy Gloss Nail Polish. I got the shade Tate from their NailPure nail polish range. The brand describes the shade on its official website as a dark, warm brown. However, I find this shade to be a warm, blood-red color. It has a creamy gel texture with a liquid consistency. It does have an artificial scent to it. 

How Do I Apply Tate Nail Polish?

I don’t go to the nail salon or bar. My regular at-home routine for all the nail polishes is pretty simple. Before applying the nail polish, I always use a clear base coat so the nail paint can stick to my nails better. Then, I apply a thin coat of the Tate and leave it for a minute. Once it gets air-dried, I follow it up with another layer of the Tate nail paint. After a few minutes, I finish my nail polish routine with the top coat to prevent chipping and peeling. Finally, I dip a Q-tip into the nail polish remover and wipe off any extras from the side of my nails. 

How does it work (Performance):

Nails.INC Tate nail polish has an excellent brush applicator. The wide and flat brush dipped in polish covers the nails in just a few strokes, making the application process faster and more comfortable. 

Nails.Inc London NailPure Tate red nail polish review and swatches for Indian medium dark skin tone
Nails.INC London NailPure Tate (Red) Nail Polish

Now, I don’t have a steady hand and patience. Hence, a neat nail polish application in one go is not my cup of tea! I still try to do my level best as I love painting my nails on weekends and before special occasions. 

The creamy formula of Nails.INC Tate nail polish makes the nail polish application smoother, faster, and even. Also, the shade Tate is highly- pigmented. In just one stroke, it goes opaque. But I prefer two coats of this deep nail polish to get the full pigmentation. 

The Tate nail polish dries fast and provides a beautiful glossy finish to my nails. The rich, warm, dark, red-colored Tate nail polish looks gorgeous on my medium-dark hands. My hands are darker than my facial skin tone. So, finding the perfect red nail polish for my skin tone is difficult. I am happy that Tate flatters my hands so well 😍! 

Nails.Inc London NailPure Tate red nail polish review and swatches for Indian medium dark skin tone
Nails.INC London NailPure Tate (Red) Nail Polish Swatches

Nails.INC NailPure Tate nail polish has great staying power. The deep red color stays on my fingernails for up to 3 days. From the 4th day, I can see the chipping on the tip of my nails. However, without top and base coats, this color stays only for up to two days on my fingernails. It lasts longer (two weeks) on my toenails, though!  I use either Elegant Touch nail polish remover pads or Primark nail paint remover wipes to remove the colour off my nails. They both work great at removing this deep nail polish.

Kindly note that I do all the household chores without wearing gloves, and I am an Indian Bengali girl who eats with hands, not fork/spoon. Hence, I can’t blame the nail polish at all! I noticed when I am on holiday and do nothing, all nail polishes stay longer than usual and look great on my nails 🫠. 

What I Like About/Pros of Nails.INC NailPure Tate nail polish:

  • Gorgeous red color
  • Intensely pigmented
  • Fast drying
  • Provides glossy finish
  • Long wearing
  • Looks amazing on dark skin tones
  • Makes nails look bold & beautiful
  • Perfect red for Christmas season
  • Lasts long
  • Alcohol & Phthalate free
  • Vegan & Cruelty-free
  • Easily available
  • Reasonably priced 

What I Don’t Like About/Cons of Nails.INC NailPure Tate nail polish:

Couldn’t find any! 





Nails.INC NailPure Tate nail polish is a classic warm red-colored, long-wearing, alcohol-free, vegan nail paint. This fast-drying polish instantly makes my nails look brighter, shinier, and beautiful. The Tate shade looks gorgeous on Indian medium-dark skin and will certainly flatter all skin tones. It is the ultimate red nail paint for any season, including Christmas, and a great addition to your nail varnish arsenal! 

If you are looking for the perfect cruelty-free and Phthalate-free red nail varnish for this festive season, try the NailPure Tate nail polish. 

Have you tried Nails.INC NailPure Tate nail polish? If yes, please share your experience in the comment section below. 

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  1. I haven’t tried this brand of nail varnishes yet. I love that the formula allows for quick and easy nail varnish application and that is has a really good amount of pigmentation too.

  2. Your review gave me confidence that this red shade might just be the classic touch I’m looking for during Christmas. Your insights are invaluable!

  3. I need some new polishes and will have to check out this brand as I love the color and the look of the bottle too! So pretty and perfect for those stockings!

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