The Ultimate Pre and Post Holi Skincare Tips

The Ultimate Pre and Post Holi Skincare Tips

Looking for the ultimate pre and post Holi skincare tips for your skin?Then keep reading!

Holi is a festival of colors. We play with colors, sing songs, and dance together during Holi. It is a festival of happiness and fun. But if we are not careful, this fun can cause long-term damages to our skin and hair. In this article, some of the most effective tips are mentioned that will protect your skin and hair from the harmful effects of colors used in Holi. 

The Ultimate Pre and Post Skincare Tips For Holi, 2023 

The colors we use in Holi contain harmful chemicals which can damage our skin and hair. The colors can cause skin irritation, rashes, burns, skin redness, hair breakage, hair fall, and many other skin issues. Just a little care can save us from all these damages. So, without further ado, letโ€™s discuss how to protect your skin and hair from the Holi colors!

Pre Holi skin care tips

1. Sunscreen

Usually, we play Holi in an open area. So, we spend most the day under the sun. Exposing our skin to the UV rays of the sun is very harmful, be it Holi or not. Always use sunscreen that contains a high amount of SPF. You can also use heat and sweat-proof sunscreen. So, it will not melt or come off while you are still outside. You must apply sunscreen to all the bare parts of your body for maximum protection. Read why you should use sunscreen even when indoors in this article.

Moisturize your skin. The Ultimate Pre and Post Holi Skincare Tips
Apply Moisturizer

2. Moisturizer

Always moisturize your skin before you start playing with colors. This will create a protective layer on your skin and keep your skin from getting dry. Colors used in Holi penetrates our skin very easily and they make the skin dry fast. That is why moisturizing your skin is a must thing. It will prevent your skin from the harsh effects of Holi colors. 

Moreover, when your skin is well moisturized, taking off that colour will be easier. That is why people use body oil before playing Holi. Using a non-sticky, lightweight body oil will remove your body colors immediately, even if you are drenched in it.

3. Clothes

No matter how good you want to look in the pictures, you have to wear more skin covering clothes to save your skin from Holi colors. Always remember, the more covered your skin is, the more protection you get. So, try to wear full sleeves, high necks, and long clothes when you are going out to play Holi. The less amount of color touches your skin, the better it will be for you. (Read this post to know how to remove holi color stain from the clothes)

The Ultimate Pre and Post Holi Skincare Tips
Take care of your hair

4. Hair

The color of Holi can damage our scalp as well. You can leave your hair open on the other days of the month, but you must tie your hair before playing Holi. Make a tight bun or braid your hair to give your hair and scalp maximum protection. You can also use Holi bandana or Holi caps. These may make you look cool and casual. Applying hair serum is also important. It will create a layer on your hair and save them from the chemicals. You can easily remove the colors from your hair after Holi if you have applied hair serum. It will also prevent your hair from the sunโ€™s rays. Also, check this ultimate haircare guide for summer season!

5. Nails

Colors of Holi usually stain our nails as well. So, if you want to keep your nails clear, always apply some transparent varnish on your nails before grabbing the colors.

Post Holi skin care tips

1. Dust off

Now, you have to get rid of the Holi colors. Do not try to wash the colors off immediately. First, you need to dust all loose colors from your body before they get stuck.

The Ultimate Pre and Post Holi Skincare Tips
Apply Oil

2. Apply oil

If you have not used oil before playing Holi, you can use it now. Apply oil to your body, keep it for 10 minutes, and then wash it with mild body soap. Using a scrub will also help you remove the oil and colors, but never scrub your body harshly. This can damage your skin.

3. Use water

You can also use plenty of normal water to wash off the colors from your hair and body instead of soap and shampoo.

4. Cleansing milk

Always use cleansing milk to clean colors. This opens your pores, and thus the colors come off easily.

5. Moisturizer

Now, you can apply moisturizers to heal any skin dryness or itchiness. 

Use Homemade Face pack.The Ultimate Pre and Post Holi Skincare Tips
Use Homemade Face pack

6. Face pack

You can also use some homemade face packs to maintain the PH levels of your skin. Milk, papaya, and lemon juice mixed with honey can be applied to your face for better results.

7. Coco yoghurt pack

If you are not able to get rid of the colors from your scalp, you can use a coco yoghurt pack. Add yoghurt, honey, olive oil, and coconut oil to a bowl and mix well. Apply this to your scalp and wash it after 30 minutes with cold water. This will help you get away from all the colors from your scalp.

So, these are all the tips that can save your skin from the harmful effects of Holi colors. Keep these in mind and have a happy Holi.


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  1. I have never been to this festival, but a number of my friends go every year! I would imagine you have to do specific things for your skin with all of those colors.

  2. Skincare is soooo important!!! I didn’t even know a festival like this existed but it seems like so much fun!!

  3. Being 65 now, sunscreen is so important if you want to keep your skin, especially your face, ears and neck, free from skin cancer. Its not fun having skin cancer removed.

  4. Great tips even for this of us that have not been to this festival. They are helpful for anyone that spends any time in the sun!

  5. I have never been. Smart to think of the effects it will have on you though. Yes, to the long sleeves, high neck shirts, etc., for sure!

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